HONOLULU — “Outlander” star Sam Heughan spoke out on social media about what he calls “six years of constant bullying, harassment, stalking and false narratives” about him.

The 39-year-old Scottish actor said in a lengthy post on his Instagram and Twitter accounts Thursday that he’s been subjected to a range of claims that he has misled and tried to extort fans for money.

Sam Heughan

This March 10, 2020 file photo shows Sam Heughan at the LA premiere of “Bloodshot,” in Los Angeles. Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File

Heughan said the criticism has come to a head over his isolating in Hawaii during the coronavirus outbreak. He said he traveled to Hawaii before situation grew serious.

“I’m nervous to take 3-5 flights back to the UK, around 20 hours on several planes, exposing myself to more danger, to be stuck in a city,” he said. “Upon the advice of everyone I trust, I decided to remain in a safe environment. It was a good decision.”

The posts inspired the devoted fans of “Outlander” to start the hashtag #IStandWithSam, and he’s received hundreds of tweets of support.

Heughan said he can not elaborate on most of the abuse he has received for legal reasons, but said people in his position should not have to tolerate the hate they get on social media.

“As an actor in these time, we feel impotent,” he said. “We can’t do much but I have tried to use what leverage I have to provide a voice to charities that need it and hopefully a little entertainment or light relief. For those still unhappy I suggest you unfollow.”

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