Carroll Caron

WATERVILLE – Carroll Caron, 62, of Waterville passed away suddenly in his home on Friday, April 3, 2020. Carroll was a loving father and a dedicated businessman. He boasted an unparalleled energetic spirit which came in handy while keeping up with his children in their younger years. In fact, they may have had a hard time keeping up with him! He was the storyteller-after-dinner kind of dad; animated and always making sure his children knew they were loved “to Pluto and back”, as the moon was simply not far enough. Taking over his father’s business ‘It’s A Good Pizza’ in the early 1990s, Carroll successfully owned and operated the Winslow based shop nearly 20 years, bringing him even closer to his beloved local community where he grew up.His many diverse passions included music, drumming, running, and various sports. A self-taught drummer from an early age, he went on to play in several bands including The Imposters. Drumming followed him everywhere and, unfortunately for neighbors and his family, was not the most peaceful of instruments. Deeply inspired by RUSH, he idolized Neil Peart, a world-class drummer whom he’ll perhaps now finally get to meet.An inspiration following one of his many foot surgeries, he was encouraged to walk, however Carroll being Carroll, walking turned into running in no time. This led to some of the best years of his life as he developed a thirst for running, exploring his new passion everywhere; around town and in local road races and marathons, most notably finishing the Boston Marathon, twice. He spoke of wonderful memories of Gilly’s Gym where he spent time weight lifting and training with Ernie Gilbert.Other interesting activities followed, including biking to Bangor and back, running 26.2 miles around a track, completing the Mount Washington road race several times, and roller blading 40 miles on his 40th birthday, just to name a few.His love of professional sports also extended to attending small town football games in Winslow as he looked forward to the fall every year when the season started. Carroll is survived by his children, Justin and Brittanie; brother Paul, sisters Lisa and Pauline; ex-wife Bernadette; and many loving grandchildren; nieces, nephews; and extended family. He will forever live in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him. Although there is great sadness, his loved ones will remember a devoted and remarkable man, knowing now he is delivered into peace.Arrangements are under the care and direction of Veilleux and Redington Funeral Home. Please visit to share your condolences with Carroll’s family.

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