Since Waterville residents have been forced to purchase purple bags for city trash pick-up, there are now three garbage trucks — the city’s and two private companies’, on our street every week on three different days. That means triple the wear and tear on our city streets, and trash bags by the road the night before and the day of each pick-up.

The crows, skunks, raccoons, dogs, rats and cats now have six opportunities to feed on garbage. The only time we do not have to look at garbage in our neighborhoods is on the weekend, unless people put it out on Sunday night for Monday pick-up. Not a wise or sanitary decision.

Fixed-income people suffer the expense as well. Officials finally realize that cloth bags cannot be used at grocery stores during the pandemic. How about the rest of the year when we have the regular flu, bad colds, strep, bed bugs, salmonella, E. coli, etc., transferred to the store counters, workers, etc.? Not everyone is responsible enough to sterilize and clean their reusable bags.

Food for thought to all who had good intentions but did not foresee the health issues stated above.


Denise Maheu


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