The federal government has continued to botch its response to the coronavirus pandemic and leave Maine’s health care workers in the dust. In recent weeks, the Trump administration has sent less than a fourth of Maine’s requested personal protective equipment — while fulfilling 100% of requests from politically important states like Florida — and claimed there is no issue on allocation of equipment in hospitals across the country.

As the director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Shah, put it last week, the shortage Maine faces of personal protective equipment is like carrying “an umbrella in a hurricane.” We haven’t received nearly enough equipment that we need to fight this virus, and Sen. Susan Collins recently defended this decision to the Bangor Daily News while claiming “the president did a lot that was right in the beginning.” It’s despicable how much of a pretzel she will twist herself into in order to get re-elected.

Meanwhile, Sara Gideon has shown valuable leadership on this issue and has consistently called for Maine to receive more personal protective equipment. She is not afraid to take a strong stance to fight for our health care workers while they are in turn fighting for us every day. She has used her voice to lift up the needs of health care workers, small business owners, and regular Mainers who are struggling during this time.

True leaders shine through in times of crisis, and it’s clear to me that Sara Gideon is the leader we need in Washington.


Lee Trahan


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