I was totally shocked and disgusted when I recently visited the Hatch Hill waste disposal facility. To start with, I had to use vacation time from my job to get to the facility before they closed because they are no longer open on Saturdays. Then I was handed a pamphlet that explained that the facility is no longer accepting recycled items, wood, yard debris, metal, televisions, and computers. You may dispose of household waste only. It further explained that the facility would not accept cash.

I was then directed to drive up onto the landfill to dispose of my trash, which I normally deposit in the dump truck provided in the recycling area. After slogging through the smelly mud and risking a punctured tire, I was met with a new flat rate fee of $15, nearly four times the normal fee.

Somehow the city of Augusta found it appropriate to cut their disposal services by 75% and then increase their fee by 275%, all while many people are out of work and struggling financially.

Kudos to Augusta for seizing the opportunity and scoring on the money grab. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Stacey Tower