‘Tis the season once again where people will be out on their motorcycles getting in some good mental health after being stuck inside all winter and during this pandemic. With that I ask everyone on the roads to please look out for motorcycles. Now that there is a new hands-free phones law, people need to still put down their phones. The life you may save could be mine or a close friend of yours.

People need to learn to drive their vehicles all over again because for some strange reason they believe they don’t have to actually stop at a stop sign or even use the blinkers that come standard on every vehicle on the road. And that also goes for law enforcement too; just because you’re in a cruiser doesn’t mean your above the same laws that you are enforcing.

I can count to over 100 every single time that I go out of people not using their signals and not stopping at stop signs. This has lead to many more accidents between motorcyclists and a cars and trucks. Also between two vehicles.

So please open your eyes while driving and obey traffic laws, because it will definitely save lives.

Craig Pellerin


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