Chris Dube and his fiancee, Laurie Servidio, stand on their porch in Topsham on Monday afternoon as family and friends drive past. The two were supposed to be married in the Dominican Republic on Monday. Submitted photo

TOPSHAM — Chris Dube has made a career of helping others go on trips. After all, he is the president of the family business, Dube Travel. 

He had plans for a special trip of his own — a destination wedding to the Dominican Republic — this week, but the coronavirus put those plans on hold.

The wedding was supposed to be Monday, but instead Dube and his fiancee, Laurie Servidio were at their Topsham home working. 

“We knew this day was coming for the last month or so, and we knew it was going to be a somber day, to say the least, and it truly was,” Dube said. “So we kind of had that mental preparation, knowing that it’s going to be a tough day to get through, and it was. There wasn’t too many smiles going on, we were just kind of supporting each other through it. But certainly tears were flowing.” 

To try to commemorate the day, or “commiserate,” as Dube put it, the couple was preparing for their friend, Sue Reny, to stop by for a toast in the driveway after Servidio clocked out from her job in the Bates College admissions office in Lewiston. Reny, who has known both for more than 20 years, introduced Dube and Servidio to each other a couple of years ago. 

“It’s been an emotional week or so,” Servidio said. “I wasn’t dreading (the end of the workday), I just wanted to be with everybody that was supposed to be part of this special day. I was looking forward to that moment (with Sue in the driveway) because I knew she was as excited about the (wedding) as we were.” 


Reny did stop by, but she wasn’t alone. 

The front of a surprise caravan for Chris Dube and his fiancee, Laurie Servidio, circles around the cul de sac at their home in Topsham on Monday. The drone image is by Dube’s brother-in-law Nick Charboneau. Submitted photo

“I took it upon myself to get the ball rolling with some friends to see if they were available to do a drive-up,” said Reny, who started planning the surprise Friday. 

“It was quite a moment when all their loved ones came driving in honking their horns and blasting music,” said Dube’s daughter Bethany, who was an “inside informant” of sorts for Reny. “It was a great way for everyone to show their support for them during these times.” 

Servidio estimated there were more than 40 people who drove up to and around the cul-de-sac where she and Dube live. 

“I had no idea of what to expect, and when everybody showed up I was blown away, and I lost it. I completely lost it, but it was absolutely amazing,” she said. 

“There was just music blaring, and neighbors were like yelling out from their porches. It was indescribable. It was pretty cool,” Servidio added. “(Neighbors) were cheering us on. They were totally supportive of what we were doing at that moment.” 


“It was the most activity this road has seen in a long time,” Dube said. 

The only thing that was a “bummer” — as Dube said — about the somber-turned-special day for Dube and Servidio was that they couldn’t physically embrace all the family and friends who came to fete them. 

“It was so hard to be out in my yard and be restricted by this 6-foot rule because my kids were there, my best friends were there, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, mother-in-law and father-in-law,” Servidio said. 

“Everybody got it,” Dube said. “They understand.” 

Dube said he expected Reny’s visit was to be a chance to “get perspective” about missing out on the original wedding date, which would have been the second wedding for both he and Servidio. 

Reny said she brought the couple instead “was nothing big.” 


“Honestly, it did give me a little bit of stress, making sure no one slipped with the information, but Chris and Laurie deserve the warmth and the love everyone has for them,” Reny added. 

It gave them perspective in a different way, Dube said. 

“It really just kind of gave us that shot in the arm, as like ‘Look, yup, it’s not what we anticipated, but ultimately it’s about being around people that we love and who love us,’ and that’s how it ended up,” he said. 

“As much as I wish I was in Punta Cana right now, and Mrs. Dube, I don’t think I would change that very moment because it was very special,” Servidio said. “And my day will come, so I know that.” 

The couple is still planning a trip to the Dominican Republic for a celebration with “a good majority” of the original guest list, Dube said. Before the trip they will be married by Dube’s uncle, who is a priest, in a religious ceremony.

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