As a former state representative, the health of the community where I live and served has always been a priority. Though the COVID-19 outbreak is scary for everyone, it is particularly frightening for our seniors. From the health risks, to the general loneliness, we should be looking out for our aging community at this time.

Thankfully, for Maine’s seniors, Medicare Advantage plans are making sure seniors are protected through this chaos. With Maine’s hospitalization rate for the coronavirus higher than the national average, Medicare Advantage plans are working to ensure seniors have information on how to stay safe and are not burdened with costs of care if they need treatment.

Additionally, at a time when seniors are unable to go outside, Medicare Advantage plans are providing virtual care services so seniors can still see their doctor. They’re also making it easier for Medicare Advantage members to refill their prescription medications.

I’m glad that Medicare Advantage plans have a comprehensive plan to protect seniors through this pandemic, while also keeping care affordable; this is the kind of care that our senior community needs.

Sen. Susan Collins also deserves a heartfelt thank-you, for not only supporting Medicare Advantage, but also for all the work she is doing to protect Maine’s residents from coronavirus. In a time of much uncertainty, I am glad we have a leader in Sen. Collins.

Gary Hilliard


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