I am a Democrat. I did not think highly of Gov. Paul LePage. However, I think he and the Republican legislators made some good points recently (“Paul LePage wants to help Maine cope with COVID-19,” April 20). I think certain areas of the economy could start very soon to open, carefully with limits and restrictions in some geographic areas of the state. People need to start feeling like they have some control over their life again.
I think Mainers can act responsibly.

We need to hear more from our governor about this. We need to know how state government will respond to new economic realities as well.

By the way, I read that the governor of California plans to keep that state shut down all summer. Is he dreaming?

And to all you Trump supporters: Get your president to start doing something useful, like getting a few million test kits to the states instead of tweeting all the time and leaving it up to the states.

Jim Nelson

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