Trump’s orange face is turning ashen and Fox News is searching frantically to find a story about anything, maybe a two-headed cat, to fill time. Why is this so? It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic, warned about worldwide as early as January by experts and scoffed at for months by The Donald, has now killed in our nation more than 50,000 people of all ages. Terrified as he sees that the videotaped revelation of his conscious misrepresentation and callous dismissal of the facts has resulted in vast death and disaster, Trump now risks putting the populace in even greater danger by playing down, and even denying, the almost certain likelihood that the virus will surge again in the fall.

Here’s my take: He’s hoping that things won’t be bad until about December, and by that time the election will be over and he’ll have another four years of watching Fox News in the White House. Still not an ordinary citizen, the Southern District of New York then could not get to him, as the statute of limitations regarding many corrupt doings would have expired before his second term was over. That’s his one big thing. No jail time! And as to the people? Let them eat cheeseburgers.

Does he care about other people? I don’t believe so. As to COVID-19, Trump is an ignorant man with a shallow mental capacity. I urge you to listen to Dr. Fauci; he’s been courageously at it for a lifetime.

Those are the facts. What we’re living through is a “world changer.” Your choice here might mean your life or that of many you know and love.

Abbott  Meader


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