I am tired of all the bull in regards to politics and the fact that dividing lines have been drawn among even friends. This country is divided. For those of you that are new to the U.S., all I can offer is that it’s been that way right along. For those of you that have been around, you should already know it.

I guess the whole idea is we all get to vote for who we want. If you find that you’re that much worse off under the current president, you all better look a little closer to home to see what you’re doing wrong, my friends, because if you think that your well-being is dependent on whoever is in the White House, you don’t have a clue. This country would have never even come into being with that thought in mind.

I’m proud to be an American and I’m in it for as long as I’m kicking. Don’t care who the president or the governor is, you mess with me or my family or my neighbors, I’m gonna be in your face. We all do that, this country will continue to prosper and over time, wrongs are righted as best as they can be.


Paul Bonenfant

South China

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