A few corrections to Central Maine Power’s recent TV ads and mailings.

First, the word “facts” should be replaced by “half-truths.” For example, CMP’s claim of 1,600 jobs should say 1,600 temporary jobs and 38 permanent jobs. CMP brags of cutting energy rates by millions of dollars when that really amounts to pennies per household each month.

CMP calls it “The Clean Energy Corridor.” “Corridor” needs to be replaced with “clear cut.” I assume CMP’s estimate of “eliminating over 3 million tons of dirty emissions” includes taking into account all those trees clear cut that won’t be helping out with that problem once they’ve been clear cut.

CMP equates its clear cut with forest practices that have all ready taken place in an area of the clear cut. CMP calls it “commercial working forest.” Except forestry practices replace the trees they cut. CMP doesn’t.

I haven’t seen anything from CMP concerning brook trout. That’s probably my bad as I’m sure they’ve come up with some half-truths to cover the crossing of brooks, streams and rivers over 200 times. Despite any precautions they may take, the construction silt will still kill thousands of brook trout. And all those dead brook trout will not be procreating, therefore snuffing out the lives of hundreds of thousands more brook trout.

All of this could have been mitigated long ago with a direct line from Canada to Massachusetts underwater. It’s how we service our offshore islands. Think of the money they could have saved, and pocketed.


Robert Woodbury


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