President Trump’s support is both confounding and reprehensible. Supporters enable his lies, corruption and hatefulness. The Rule of Law matters, and lying should be made unlawful with more consequences than we have today.

Good character matters and should be made a prerequisite standard to all political office. The wealthy received most of trillions via the Republican tax plan and most of the recent trillions in wasteful free money via the stimulus package. During the Great Depression, wealth ruled over poor folks, and wouldn’t that be great again. Trump’s support has bolstered his unfairness and extreme prejudices that keep us foolishly divided. This unfounded support is deplorable.

Biased media repeat his lies and allow misinformation that enable his corruption to rage on without any consequence. A criminally complicit and totally partisan Republican Congress are also culpable. Support for Trump enables deceitful behaviors. Trump shows no fairness, compassion, positive inspiration or moral character as a president should. Republican support for Trump reflects more like a cult than a conservative political organization. 

Corporations are not people and corporate rule is not democracy. We, the people, are. We need independent, regulated media to inform and raise truth to the highest standards, and a non-partisan justice system. We need an honest State Department, a modernized Education Department and an efficient military. We need an Epidemiological Department!

We need a new president and senators who can better represent us with intelligence, compassion and dignity. America needs discerning voters to change this chaos called the Trump administration and to support truth, honesty and respect for American values.

May God Bless America, again!

Dennis St. Jean


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