We all know how valuable a reliable neighbor can be.

Chris Hamilton, my neighbor, is a candidate for Maine House District 88 in the upcoming primary on July 14. Chris will be an excellent state representative for the people of Nobleboro, Jefferson, Chelsea and Whitefield for the same reasons that make him a great neighbor.

I have known Chris Hamilton for about 20 years and he has always shown himself to be a compassionate person. Both my sons have worked on the Hamiltons’ farm and I am always happy to have them do so. Since my sons were young, Chris has been a consistently positive mentor to them. He has encouraged them and helped them grow in real ways and has held them to a high standard, as with his own children. Additionally, he introduced them to hunting and is training them in that skill.

As an experienced small-business owner, Chris has always demonstrated the need to be flexible in changing situations. He is one of the more practical people I know and a clear-headed thinker. He also knows the meaning of hard work and public service and is always willing to lend a hand when needed.

Chris has been productively involved in Maine service organizations like the Rotary Club for as long as I’ve known him. He throws himself fully into his work and expects equally strong performances from those around him. He has usefully served on several boards and organizations promoting positive causes including LifeFlight and the Maine Farmland Trust.

Chris has a broad understanding of the issues facing rural Maine. For this, along with his demonstrated skill in advocating for worthy causes, and for his solid neighborliness, I heartily recommend Chris Hamilton to the voters of my district.

Brian O’Mahoney


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