In normal times many of us do not answer our phone if we do not know who is calling. But these are not normal times. Taking an unexpected call from an unknown number often puts you at risk for an unwelcome sales pitch. But for the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of calling seniors in the greater Hallowell area, and they are answering the phone.

I am simply calling to see how they are doing and whether or not they need any help with supplies, groceries, medications or other issues. This effort was organized by Sen. Shenna Bellows and our local representatives as a service to all seniors in our district.

Although the senator recruited me to this project, these are not political calls. They are an old-fashioned help-your-neighbor effort in the best Maine tradition. I have spoken to hundreds of people and left messages for others. I am happy to report that the vast majority are doing fine. But there have been instances where help was needed.

Sen. Bellows and our local representatives have organized a group of dedicated volunteers to join them in fulfilling requests rapidly. Often the person on the line is fine but welcomes the chance to talk after weeks of isolation. If you know of someone in need of help or you want to join us in this effort call Sen. Bellows at 776-5404. It’s a great way to help your neighbors without having to leave your home.

Ed Miller

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