State Sen. Brad Farrin rarely if ever attacks anyone with an R after his or her name, so I am not surprised he would attack Democratic House Speaker Sara Gideon, because she is the most credible candidate to ever face Sen. Susan Collins (“Gideon blinded by Senate ambitions,” letter, May 6). It’s not a secret that Gideon presents a serious threat to Collins, whose popularity has waned in light of her support for any and all presidential nominees for judgeships or cabinet positions regardless of their capacity to perform the duties associated with the position or their past experiences relative to the position, including issues of ethics.

Gideon has demonstrated an unusual capacity as a state representative and the required leadership skills to be the House speaker. She is a tireless worker who cares deeply about Maine and the people who live here, regardless of political persuasion. Sen. Collins has had her day but her voting has become consistently partisan to the point that what Trump wants, she goes along with.

Gideon will made a wonderful addition to the U.S. Senate because she is capable, has a history of good performance, and is nonpartisan, like our other senator, Angus King.

Charles Sawyer


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