The governor has made it so certain businesses can open but every employee of said business has to wear a mask and people entering said business need to wear a mask if they can’t stay the recommend 6-feet away. The governor’s order also states that if you let your employer know you have a medical condition, they can’t discriminate against you and send you home. Yet I know quite a few people that were sent home because of this.

Also I know people, including me, who have a medical condition and can’t wear a mask. We go to different businesses and are told we need to wear a mask. Sometimes we tell the person at the door letting people in that we have a medical condition, and they don’t say a word and let us in. But some people have been turned away even after telling them that we have a medical condition. They said we could hold something over our mouth and nose, but that’s exactly the same as wearing a mask.

Those of us who can’t wear a mask for medical reasons are being discriminated against time and time again, even from our neighbors who look at as with hate in their eyes since we don’t have a mask on. Sorry but all of this discrimination needs to stop. People are even calling the police if they see you without a mask on. Since when has America turned into a police state.


Craig Pellerin


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