I want to open this letter with concern for the seniors and immune-compromised people of Anson, Kingfield, Phillips, and the 14 other towns and unorganized territories of House District 112. You have had to spend more time indoors than most in this pandemic, and you have not been able to see your friends and family as much as a result of social distancing.

Rep. Thomas Skolfield does not appear to share this concern. In a recent Facebook post, he pushed to convene a session in the Legislature to end the state of civil emergency, which has allowed Gov. Mills to reopen the state in a way that is based on science, not partisanship. Skolfield bases this on the dangerous claim that “the curve was flattened and now it is time to loosen the restrictions” with no specifics whatsoever.

Let’s talk specifics, as every legislator should. Most U.S. public health officials, including our Dr. Shah at the Maine CDC, have emphasized the need for a massive increase in testing capacity. Gov. Mills has already specified guidelines that allow businesses to open safely and these guidelines include testing. Ignoring these will only result in a second and probably more deadly wave.

Skolfield’s Facebook post is symptomatic of a broader problem. That post was followed up by a press release by the Maine GOP with the same message. He has not voted and spoken in the interests of this district, but in lock step with the Republican establishment in Augusta. We need a representative who acts on feedback from his constituents. Actions speak louder than words. We cannot sacrifice our seniors on the altar of the market.

Pete Bourgelais

candidate, House District 112