With a combined $1.6 million in funds, the Central Western Maine Workforce Development Board seeks proposals to assist with training the unemployed in crucially needed areas. The funds will be available to experienced and innovative service providers to be a one-stop operator and to provide Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Adult & Dislocated Worker Program Services.

Funds also will be available for WIOA Youth Program Services. The service area is Androscoggin, Kennebec, Oxford, Franklin and Somerset counties. The application deadline is June 22, for more information, visit cwmwdb.org, according to a news release from Stacy Kilroy Reynaldo, executive director of the Augusta-based board.

Appointed by county commissioners through a Maine Department of Labor process, the board members are private citizens who oversees certain Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act Title 1B funding related to employment and training of the unemployed or dislocated workers. The board  creates the Workforce Strategic Plan for the five-county region, certifies the operation of the one stop system and organizes the infrastructure cost sharing agreements among 15 more collaborative partners.

The board’s career and employment training assistance are just some of the services that have always been available to local qualified unemployed job seekers through the comprehensive Maine Department of Labor workforce system. Likewise, there also are many existing employer services including funding for on-the-job-training and customized training programs that have always been available to local business.

For more information, visit cwmwdb.org or email [email protected].