FARMINGDALE — Andy Vellani, who has been on the Farmingdale Selectboard for less than a year, issued a letter of resignation Wednesday, according to town officials.

Vellani’s letter said he intends to resign effective May 26, according to Selectboard Chairperson Nancy Frost. Frost said she was surprised by the resignation and not aware of any issues related to the resignation.

“I’m really not at liberty to tell what I think might be his issues,” she said. “He needs to answer those questions.”


Andrew Vellani

Vellani was elected in June 2019, beating longtime incumbent Jim Grant. He said at the time his early focus as a selectman would be studying town finances. Frost said Vellani recently contributed to the town’s draft budget, which will be presented at the upcoming town meeting, and a staff handbook.

The letter, obtained by the Kennebec Journal, states: “I am submitting my resignation as Selectman for the Town of Farmingdale effective May 26, 2020. Please forward the balance of my salary and stipend due up to May 26, 2020, which is 20.6% or $1,030 and $412, respectively to my home address. … I have enclosed 2 keys for the Town office … that were issued to me.”

Frost said an advertisement will be placed in the newspaper seeking candidates for the remaining two years of Vellani’s term.

Vellani was not immediately available for comment Wednesday night.

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