I fully support and understand that the Central Maine Power/Hydro-Quebec project will provide “clean energy.” However, because the numbers just don’t add up, I can’t support the project.

The CMP corridor TV advertisements tell us that the project will add $500 million to Maine’s economy. But what the ads don’t tell us is that it’s paid over 40 years: $12.5 million average per year. The ads also don’t tell us that the people of Quebec will receive $500 million every year for the next 40 years, or that CMP/Iberdrola shareholders will receive $60 million every year for the next 40 years. We receive $500 million; they receive $22 billion. Over 40 times more for them than for us.

The cost to both is minimal. In Quebec, the water is free and the dams are built. All they have to do is “flip a switch” and money starts pouring in. The same with CMP/Iberdrola. The TV ads tell usMassachusetts is paying for everything. They too just “flip a switch” and $60 million a year for 40 years gets wired to Iberdrola shareholders in Spain.

CMP and Hydro-Quebec can’t make their billions without us. That’s what their million-dollar ad campaign is about, convincing us that it’s a good deal. We’re their last chance. New Hampshire already said no and Vermont is not an option. That corridor has to come through Maine. Hydro-Quebec provides the hydropower, CMP provides the poles and lines, we provide the land that connects the two. We are equal partners. The numbers just don’t add up or look fair to me. We deserve more; we need more.

The corridor question will be on the ballot this November. Although approvals have been granted, the people of Maine will have the final say. We have “leverage.” I say we renegotiate the deal.


John Nale


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