David Costa talks about mountain biking Friday a the Bond Brook Trails in Augusta. Joe Phelan/Kennebec Journal Buy this Photo

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AUGUSTA — David Costa had finished his bike ride on the Bond Brook Trails, pulling up to his truck, pulling off his helmet and earbuds and immediately putting a black facemask on to keep with social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Winthrop resident, 61, was taking advantage of Friday’s weather — sunny and a balmy 80 degrees — to get a workout in and enjoy some of the wooded scenery the trail provides. That scenery is one of the reasons Costa, a Rhode Island native, made the move to Maine some 14 years ago, after his son-in-law was wrapping up his Navy service at Brunswick Naval Air Station.

He took some time to answer a few questions after getting in a ride:


Q: Is this your first biking trip since the pandemic started?

A: Nope. I’ve been trying to get out, this is one of the few things that relaxes me. Mostly, I’ve been riding my road bike, because the trails have been really wet through most of this pandemic. (Bond Brook) just opened up a couple weeks ago. This is my second time here now.


Q: Do you mostly ride around Winthrop, or do you vary it up with different trails?

A: I do go all around, normally. (Bond Brook) is the closest to my house where it’s a nice trail, these are really nice trails here, I’ve got to give Augusta credit for that. It’s 20 minutes from my house, you can ride a couple of hours here easily if you want to, or you can come here after work and work out when you’ve only got an hour to spend and get a good ride in.


David Costa talks about mountain biking during Friday morning at the Bond Brook Trails in Augusta. Joe Phelan/Kennebec Journal Buy this Photo


Q: How’s life in general been for you since the pandemic started?

A: I’ve been working, I do heat pumps, so I guess we’re considered essential workers to keep people’s heat and air conditioning working, so I’ve been working. I don’t want to say it’s been stressful, it’s been different though. You’ve got to wear masks all the time. We’ve mostly, up to this point, have been working on construction sites, so we’re not in people’s homes. That just changed last week, it was the first time we’ve been in someone’s home in a long time. But, if the people are home (while working), they’ve got to wear masks, we’ve got to wear masks and booties. Everything’s different.


Q: Have you been biking for a while?

A: I’ve been biking for 35, 40 years now.


Q: What do you get out of biking? What do you get out of going out and biking on a trail?

A: No. 1, it’s my exercise, I do it for my health mostly. The mountain biking, you’re out in the woods. I was just out there on the trail, there was a deer standing (in the woods). You get to see wildlife and stuff. I guess Maine is a little more of that outdoorsy (life). I moved here from Rhode Island 14 years ago. I worked in the city of Providence for 27 years. So I’m kind of used to city life. This is way laid back for me, and I’m just enjoying wildlife.


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