Ever since teaching a class called Messages in Media, I have paid attention to the marketing technique behind commercials. One strategy is to market fear as a motivator. During this time of financial crisis associated with the virus, I see that Central Maine Power’s marketing campaign has switched its focus from making false claims about the corridor’s fighting climate change to promoting the many jobs they claim will be created by its construction. I understand that playing on people’s financial fears is a beneficial marketing technique employed to gain people’s attention. That’s why CMP spent approximately $5 million during the first quarter of 2020, mostly on ads through a PAC.

Shame all on groups using this COVID-1 9 hardship for political gain. Most appalling are CMP’s ads saying the proposed corridor will create jobs for Mainers to alleviate economic uncertainty. Saying that CMP will be offering beneficial jobs to many Maine workers is a gross exaggeration. The truth is that this project will leave Maine with only 38 permanent jobs.

Don’t let CMP’s smooth-talking marketing tactic persuade you. The corridor will do more harm than good. When divided out over the life of the project, the savings equate to just pennies per household each month. The loss of wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities alone are sufficient reasons to support the referendum this November. Add to this, the power will be going to Massachusetts.

As someone who collected over 300 signatures from registered voters in the Waterville area, I am pleased that Maine’s supreme court has allowed this referendum to be on the ballot in November. Don’t let CMP’s aggressive fear-inducing marketing campaign sway your vote. Say no to the New England Clean Energy Connect.


Linda Woods


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