This letter will express my strong support for Sara Gideon, who is a candidate in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. I know Sara well and have worked closely with her for the last eight years. There is a lot that I could say about Sara’s leadership and achievements but there are limits on the length of this letter. Therefore, my focus will be on her values and her ability to get things done.

Sara listens to Maine people. She has a clear vision of what we want and need, especially at this time when we are all challenged by the effects of COVID-19. She is committed to doing what is best for the people of Maine, including legislation to strengthen health care for everyone, to stimulate the economy, to address critical veterans’ needs, and other equally important issues.

Under Sara’s leadership, for the first time in Maine’s history, Democrats, Republicans and others now sit together, not “across the aisle,” so they can develop relationships and friendships, and where they can talk freely with each other about pending legislation.

Partisan division has not disappeared, but these differences can be addressed in a context that allows representatives to put people before politics and to value cooperation rather than competition.

These are two of Sara’s highest priorities. One of the results is visible in the bipartisan legislation recently adopted to aid those who suffer from the effects of COVID-19.

Sara has the values and the ability to represent Maine people well and I urge voters to join me in choosing her in the primary and then in the general election. Sara is what Maine needs in 2020.

Thomas R.W. Longstaff

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