Since 2016, Shenna Bellows has represented the people of Senate District 14. I am both pleased and proud to know that she represents me, my neighbors and many of my friends, and my community in the Legislature, and she does it well. In her work for us, she takes all points of view into consideration, knowing that there are many facets to an issue, not just two sides. Her approach is always intelligent, fact-based, balanced, and thoughtful.

In her second term, among other efforts, Shenna worked hard to assure fairness in state revenue sharing with cities and towns, to encourage much-needed further development of broadband coverage in Maine and to increase tax fairness for retired state employees and teachers.

During the current state of pandemic-related civil emergency, she’s been instrumental in efforts to reach out to all senior citizens throughout District 14, continuing her ongoing attention to the needs of older Mainers. She worked with local state representatives and organized volunteers to check in with thousands of households to offer information and assistance; if a constituent needed help with getting food or medications, having trash picked up, or being connected to other needed services, Shenna made sure that those needs were met, and as promptly as possible.

Shenna gives priority to participating in community events of all sorts, for all ages, and during these times when we cannot be together, she has used social media and other ways to communicate her genuine interest and caring for the people she represents.

I plan to cast my vote for Shenna Bellows in July, and again in November. We need her voice and values in the Legislature.


Judith Feinstein


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