What about social distancing and wearing masks? My wife went to a business in Fairfield on June 4. My wife is 70 and has asthma. When she got there just after they opened, she found the business had many people shopping, but there was no social distancing or anybody wearing a mask including the counter people. What is the point when this business does not follow state or federal guidelines or the governor’s orders to social distance and wear masks?

My personal conclusion is because President Trump does not wear a mask and wants the country to open as quickly as possible, people believe that COVID-19 doesn’t exist or isn’t contagious, or that because we live in central Maine none of this is necessary. Most small businesses I’ve visited follow the guidelines but it is unconscionable when a business completely ignores and obviously promotes that it won’t follow guidelines.

I hope my wife and I don’t get sick because she visited that business. Yes, she was wearing a mask and tried to be careful but her mask was on to protect others, as was not the case of other people.


Peter Jensen


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