I was disappointed that the Morning Sentinel did not report on Sunday’s protest march in Waterville in the printed edition. Since we no longer have a Monday edition, one would expect that the Tuesday paper would bring full coverage of the weekend events. The protest march on Sunday should have been the headline in Tuesday’s paper, at least in the local section. Instead the paper had a headline about a shooting and a car accident.

I found the Taylor Abbott online report on Sunday’s march biased, emphasizing the police officers — also shown on the photo — and some irrelevant words from participants instead of giving credit to the initiative of organizer Phil Bofia and intention to give the crowd an opportunity to meet some of the few black members of our community and to hear them speak.

Why was only one of them mentioned by name and quoted extensively? Why didn’t you mention that everyone was wearing a mask except a few children and the police officers and that people kept their distance. Why did the D-Day anniversary, which was only attended by very few veterans, get coverage on Friday and Sunday?

The march on Sunday I believe exceeded the number of 500 participants; I guess it was closer to a thousand and the River Park turned out to be an ideal gathering place for the crowd. It was a huge and very impressive event that gave everyone a feeling of solidarity with the black members of our community and a chance to reflect on what is wrong in our good, old country.


Ulla Reidel


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