I am a resident of Senate District 13, and one of the many who strongly support Chloe Maxmin as she challenges Dana Dow in the November race for state Senate. In January I attended our campaign launch, and what an exciting event it was. Chloe Maxmin always projects extraordinary vitality and energy and cannot help but generate enthusiasm; she is so clear about the goals she has set, and her commitment to not just to her District, but to Maine, and the well being of all.

But within eight weeks of that gathering, COVID-19 was upon us. Campaign time went onto the back burner, and in what seemed like no time, Chloe had brought together tens of dozens of volunteers who were now contacting tens of hundreds of seniors across District 13. And still the volunteers continue the weekly calls, or more often if needed, so that no one falls through the cracks in this sometimes strangely lonely and isolating lifestyle we are experiencing.

And those volunteers continue to help as and where they are needed, still fulfilling requests of every variety, touching hearts and minds as they go, working in what Chloe describes as “a network of hope and love.” I believe we are blessed to have this young woman in our midst. She made her mark at Lincoln Academy and again in her college years, came home to Maine, settled back into the community and has committed herself to a lifestyle of outreach and creative problem solving.

And, as she also says, “I believe that politics is service, and should support and provide for the needs of our community.” I look forward to voting for Chloe once again, come November.


Emma Stephenson


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