I am not supporting the referendum to stop the Maine Clean Energy Connect from building a transmission line to sell 1,200 megawatts of renewable hydroelectric power to Massachusetts. Ratepayers in the Bay State will be paying the entire cost of this transmission line.

I am opposed to this referendum because we need, as a region, to become less dependent on fossil fuels and more dependent on renewable power sources. This project will remove 3 million tons of carbon from the air.

Some mock the idea that while 1,600 jobs will be created in the construction of the project only 38 permanent jobs will remain. Construction jobs are by their nature “temporary.” But, these 1,600 jobs are vitally needed in Maine at this time.
Others would have us think that the project is creating a new transmission corridor across virgin forest territory. The truth is that two-thirds of the project is upgrading existing power lines and only 55 miles of new corridor will run through a commercial working forest where trees are already being harvested.
And lastly, a $258 million benefit package which includes, among other things, funds for low-income electric consumers, rural broadband internet, electric vehicle charging stations, and electric heat pumps.
I believe that this project is a “win-win” for the people of Maine. I am voting against this referendum in November. I urge your readers to do the same.
Patrick E. Paradis

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