In the midst of a pandemic, it’s clear that our state needs leaders with public health experience and a desire to give support at the community level. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kalie Hess, democratic candidate for Maine Senate District 15 (representing the towns of Augusta, Vassalboro, China, Oakland and Sidney) for a decade. We met while studying at the University of Maine. Kalie has always found ways to give back to the community, both through her work and through volunteering.

As a local teacher, I want a state senator who puts Maine’s youth first. Kalie has spent much of her professional career supporting young people in a variety of ways. She works to improve Maine children’s access to oral health care, and she has also worked to prevent substance use among youth. As a volunteer for Augusta’s bicycle and pedestrian safety group, she has helped to ensure that our streets are safer for local students walking to and from school. Kalie is a compassionate person who is committed to making sure that we can all access and afford the health care we need.

She is also passionate about sustainability and protecting Maine’s environment; through volunteer work at the Viles Arboretum in Augusta, she has helped maintain a green space that is open to all. She has spent countless hours in recent weeks calling community members to make sure they are safe, healthy and have access to the supplies they need during the COVID-19 crisis. Kalie cares about creating brighter futures for us all.

You can find out more about Kalie’s campaign by visiting her website at


Fallon Sweeney


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