The country is experiencing an opportunity to address systemic racism. Many people, not only in our state and country but around the world, are acknowledging and discussing how racism is deeper than just how we talk to or treat others of a different culture, religion, race or nationality. This understanding is long overdue and welcome.

In just a few weeks, millions of people have read and listened to the news and social media to bear witness of this awakening. We watch as people from all walks of life come together to march for and gain a deeper understanding of what is meant by Black Lives Matter and to celebrate why that understanding is so important.

It is hopeful to watch so many who have abandoned the reply “all lives matter.” This is welcome because it shows an understanding that all lives only matter when Black (as well as brown, Indigenous, and migrant) lives matter too.

Thank you to those around the state who have come forward to lead this work that is so overdue. I look forward to the day when we all live with true equality and feel hopeful that we are working for that day.

Mary Dunn

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