It is with shock and disappointment that I listened and watched the recording of the Maine State Bar Association Bar Talk on June 15 (“Maine State Bar Association apologizes for member’s comment about white privilege,” June 19).

The words of attorney Leah Baldacci were tone deaf and clueless to the true meaning of the unrest and protests occurring all across this country on behalf of the Black Lives Matters movement. This uninformed perspective that this movement is white racism or anti-Christian or anti-anything is exactly why this movement is so important. Any educated person should know without anyone telling them that it is a movement against systemic racism. But I guess that is why it has occurred. It is the bane of our country.

As a white male from Maine I work hard to appreciate those facts and to educate my children and lead my mostly white company towards true acceptance of a diverse culture. Maine as you know, lacks diversity so we must work even harder at it. So not only should Baldacci be reprimanded but the Maine Bar should also call on Justice Meade to correct his statements.

Justice Meade shockingly missed the point of what Baldacci was saying and disappointingly did not correct her by discussing systematic racism towards blacks. His lack of an admonishment statement towards Baldacci’s clueless rant is perhaps even more disturbing.

For that matter, how could anyone in leadership from the Bar on that call not step up and correct Ms. Baldacci? How does the Bar allow that to occur, live and without rebuke.

I strongly encourage the Maine Bar Association to closely review the ramifications of their lack of action or statement in real time. I hope that some good can come from this but these days it is hard to find hope when our perceived leaders, the Maine Bar Association no less, cannot step up to the bill.

Patrick Cunningham


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