Mainers deserve a strong economy and leaders who will put economic opportunity and jobs first. Kalie Hess, candidate for state Senate representing Augusta, Vassalboro, Oakland, Sidney and China, already has the experience to do so. She has spent her career increasing opportunities for Mainers within the public health system. Kalie understands that a robust economy requires a healthy citizenry. Her experience will bring a breath of fresh air to the Senate.

Maine’s economy depends on the health of our residents. We’ve seen this play out these last few months as we have watched our neighbors battle for paid sick time, struggle with unemployment hurdles, and figure out the complicated realm of child care and homeschooling as COVID-19 impacted our state. Kalie supports taking action on improving access to dental health, reducing substance abuse among Maine’s youth, and creating healthier public spaces so that even in the time of social distancing, Mainers can enjoy the beauty our state has to offer.

A healthy population will strengthen our state’s economic health. Kalie will work to expand health care to Maine’s most vulnerable populations and supports improving health center operations so that Mainers can get safe help when they need it. These kinds of health care choices can create thousands of jobs at a time when Maine’s economy lags behind the nation.

I am convinced that Kalie will serve Maine well in the Legislature. She is a strong leader who will work across the aisle while fighting for jobs and a robust economy. That’s why she has my vote.


Laura Cyr


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