It was upsetting to learn there were councilors at Waterville’s council meeting who voted against making the necessary renovations to our Alfond Municipal Pool. As COVID-19 caused the closure of the pool for the 2020 season, now is the perfect and most sensible time for the project to begin to assure our community would have a safe pool in the 2021 season. It is not cost effective to continue the Band-aid fixes currently being made to the pool, not to mention the safety issues the city could face. The city cannot make any revenue when it’s not open.

The majority of Waterville residents don’t have their own pools or camps or have means to get to them, leaving the pool their only option to cool down and enjoy the camaraderie of their community. Our pool gives community members of all ages a safe, fun place to get their exercise, take lessons, enjoy the new slides that have been installed, and enjoy the camaraderie of their friends and neighbors, because that’s what Waterville is about.

I hope the council members can take a step back and think about how important our pool is and consider voting “yes” to the pool renovations.

Linda Yaffe

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