In a time of a global pandemic and national unrest, we need a leader who will advocate for policies that will better the future. Chris Hamilton, who is running to be District 88’s state legislator, is that leader.

These months of physical distancing have been an opportunity to reflect on how we lived in the past and what we want to change. As we reopen the economy and once again go back to “normal,” we have an opportunity to build a more sustainable future. One issue that I am particularly concerned about as a college student who grew up in Maine is climate change.

Chris Hamilton has expressed a strong commitment to combating climate change. He believes our leaders have an “ethical and moral responsibility to act now — to do everything we can to address climate change.” I couldn’t agree more. There will be a significant economic impact if Maine does not immediately develop mitigation and adaptation policies. Climate change poses a threat to our infrastructure, public health, and some of Maine’s most important industries.

Chris Hamilton also indicated the responsibility we have to future generations. His dedication to addressing climate change will improve Maine and make it a more sustainable place. This will in turn improve the economy.

I’ll be voting for Chris Hamilton this July because he’ll fight for issues I care about, both for the current and future residents of District 88.

Sarah Corkum

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