I believe that the Waterville City Council should vote in favor of the public pool renovations.

The public pool is an important community asset that allows families to spend time together, outside in a healthy, friendly way. Many of Waterville’s citizens don’t have access to the luxuries of a lake house or beach house and rely on the public pool as a way to cool of during Maine’s hot summers.

Furthermore, the town has already funded the construction of two water slides, and to reduce funds for the pool when a lot of money has already been put towards the pool would be foolish and wasteful.

Personally, as a 13-year-old Waterville resident I have visited the public pool frequently since the age of 2 and have created many incredible memories there. These experiences have become an important part of my childhood and my hope is that generations to come will be able to enjoy the public pool as much as I have.


Kaethe Rice


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