I’m writing in support of Betsy Sweet in the upcoming Democratic primary election for U.S. Senate. I’ve known Betsy since I built her house and have nothing but respect for the work she has done over the years in pursuit of a Maine in which all people feel safe, are well-cared for, and economically secure.

Betsy is a working single mom who understands that we need Medicare for All so that people with few resources have access to the health care they need.

She’s in support of the green economy, which will provide jobs that pay well and address the climate change crisis.

For Betsy, COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for us to create a better America. She knows that it’s not enough to figure out how to re-open the economy. It’s time to re-imagine our country.

Betsy Sweet has vision, passion — and my vote.


Bruce Olson


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