I write this letter asking residents of Waterville to contact the City Council to support replacing the pool. The Waterville pool has been a great memory for many children and teens growing up. Maybe even you spent time there. Let’s be honest, not all youth have a pool or a camp on the lake. Some will be walking the streets on humid days, but they could be laughing and creating memories at the pool. The Waterville pool serves hundreds on any given summer day, cool or hot. We all see the need for ballfields, yet those two teams competing in soccer, baseball or football serve 50 or less.

The pool is a long-term investment. Not only will it be the place for hundreds on any given day next year, but also 20 years from now. It also is a great deal, as the city only pays a fraction of the cost because foundations have committed funding.

Whether you have children or not, no matter what age group you fall in, I certainly hope we can agree that all children deserve to have a safe, happy place. I will gladly pay an additional 60 cents a day on my tax bill to offer youth a pool that will last decades. I hope you will too.

Tell your City Council you support the pool and want happy, creative youth with a positive self esteem.


Steve Soule


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