Politics seem to have a way of bringing out the worst in people. When individuals put politics and self-motivation ahead of service, our state and our nation is who suffers. Maine’s 2nd Congressional District is one of the nation’s top competitive seats this election cycle, which will come with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in attack ads.

Already, in the Republican primary, Adrienne Bennett and Eric Brakey have decided to go negative, fight each other, and mislead the voters in their quest to garner their support. As fellow Republican candidates, they need to turn their focus on how they would represent and stand for our conservative values in Washington. I know both of these candidates and they are good folks and better than some of their ads. I hope and ask that they stop the negative ads.

I will be supporting Dale Crafts for Congress, because having served in the Legislature with Dale for eight years, I know firsthand that he always puts others first. He is a man of deep thought and integrity. Dale has the experience to restore our economy and protect our livelihoods and freedoms. More importantly, he will always put service before self. Join me in supporting Dale Crafts for Congress on July 14.

David C. Burns


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