Elected officials at all levels should understand that public health is paramount and conducive to a healthy economy. Kalie Hess is a prime example of the kind of candidate who will represent our district in the Maine Senate with both understanding and experience.

Hess’s concern for healthy Mainers is nothing new. She not only has an advanced degree in public health, she has a comprehensive career background in public health. She has worked to improve oral health for children in Maine, reduce substance use among Maine youth, and make public spaces healthier and safer for pedestrians. She has also worked to improve health center operations and help Mainers find affordable health coverage. Kalie Hess is truly dedicated to public health for people in Maine, and we’re lucky to have her running for the Senate.

Hess’s commitment to public health means that we have a voice to represent us so that we do not have to choose between our health and our livelihood in our current (or any future) pandemic. Electing legislators at all levels who prioritize public health is fundamental to securing both our health and our livelihoods.


Sarah Johnson


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