Climate change is the most pressing threat that humanity has ever faced, and it threatens the way we live and work here in Maine. Susan Collins is wrong on climate. Collins has cast pro-environmental votes an abysmal 61% of the time, leading the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund to endorse her opponent, Sara Gideon, in 2020.

If the climate is not first and foremost in the next few years, then my generation is not going to a have a planet left to live on, and we will have the deaf ears of legislators like Susan Collins to blame.

I am supporting Sara Gideon because she understands the importance of addressing our warming world. She has promised to go beyond just rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement; Sara will prioritize investment in clean, renewable energy that keeps the beautiful wild places of Maine safe and sound for our kids and grandkids.

My vote for Sara Gideon will protect Mainers like me and the natural resources that make Vacationland my home.


Joshua McCartney


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