A map based on geotagged twitter data in the last month (30 days) tracking “anti-mask” tweets and hashtags, for example #nomask, #burnyourmask, #nomasks, #antimask, #iwillnotcomply, etc. Over 150,000 tweets were tracked. SurvivalAtHome.com

Plenty of Mainers are opposed to mandatory face masks, according to one online group, which based its report on the number of anti-mask messages posted on Twitter.

According to the group SurvivalAtHome.com, Maine ranks fifth in the number of people voicing anti-mask sentiments, behind only Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Idaho.

Rounding out the list were Missouri, Wyoming, South Carolina, Ohio and Montana.

According to the survey, Maine’s anti-mask feelings make it an outlier in New England — the rest of region tends to be more supportive of mandatory face mask rules.

“As you can see, there are pockets of anti-mask activity all across the US,” according to SurvialAtHome.com, “however the upper northeast — outside of Maine — is the most pro-mask region.

The group provided a color-coded map as a visual representation of their findings. The map s based on geotagged twitter data over the past 30 days, tracking anti-mask hashtags such as #nomask, #burnyourmask, #nomasks, #antimask, #iwillnotcomply, etc. Over 150,000 tweets were tracked.

“Keep in mind,” the group wrote in a press release, “this is only tracking the anti-mask tweets. Tweets in favor of wearing masks far outweigh the anti-mask sentiment in each state.”

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