While COVID-19 tests are still not available to most Maine residents, Colby College has arranged to stockpile 85,000 tests by August for a population of 3,000 people (“Colby College announces plan to bring students back to campus in August,” June 30). Colby will be able to test each person 26 times.

College-age people are one of the least vulnerable groups, and most reckless regarding covid precautions. Grandma who follows CDC protocols can’t find a test, but Joe College, who is unlikely to follow CDC guidelines, can be tested 26 times.

This greedy hoarding of tests is not the action of a good, caring community member. It is the action of a college that will reward irresponsible behavior by offering lots of testing availability.

Just because an institution has the money to hoard tests doesn’t mean it is right. As is usual in health care, money talks.


Kathy Barkley



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