Just a tidbit of information. I lived in Augusta for five years, but to this day I always say that is were I received my foundation for life. It is a wonderful place. I played baseball for Hussey Hardware, Augusta East. Went to St. Mary’s, left at the end of sixth grade as we moved back to New Jersey.

I was a Boy Scout. When I joined the troop we went down to 10 members and was close to disbanding, but a gentleman, Uncle Paul, as we all called him, a state trooper, took over, and when I left we had almost 100 members and were getting ready to split the troop.

My best friend was Roger Roderick on Eastern Ave. Saturday mornings, finishing my paper route with my dad, going to Bates to pick up my mom, as she work the overnight shift, and going to a little breakfast shop near Cony High School and get my hot blueberry muffins and a cup of hot chocolate.

What started me back on this journey was reading the paper online. When I was 9, I took a route with the Kennebec Journal. Greatest paper I ever worked for. My route was on Eastern Avenue, and when I left I had built it up to 120 customers. Twenty of those were what I called at the time the other end, that area was at the blinking light on Eastern Avenue heading out towards Peanuts.

I remember our papers placed in our bags upon pickup. We would leave one bag, the driver would swing back and pickup the empty. Coming to our house to collect the monies. The contest to increase circulation. That’s how the route grew.

Well, I could on and on. Thank you for listening to me.

Have a wonderful day and great week. Be safe and healthy.

“Santa” Tom Zimecki

Edgewater Park, New Jersey


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