I am writing to tell of my concerns about Donald Trump being our president. I welcome responses.

He demeans our allies and praises our enemies, and even believes Russia’s Putin over our own generals. He loves North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and allows him to advance his nuclear arms without consequences.
He quit the World Health Organization in the midst of the coronavirus. He’s working hard to repeal Obamacare, but over 70% of the country want to keep it.
He never filled most of his cabinet, but was required to hire top essentials for his administration. He has since fired nearly 30 officials or they resigned because he constantly ignored their advice.
He gave over $1 trillion tax cut to corporations in his first year in office as payback to his billionaire donors. He cut coal and oil pollution rules and denies climate change.
He separated refugee children from their parents, never to be seen again. He makes fun of disabled people by distorting his face and arms, and says he likes only military service members who weren’t captured. Spoken by a man who was a draft dodger.
He denies whatever Dr. Fauci says now and tells us the virus is not that dangerous and wants people back to work and children back in school.
Now we learn that the president has a mediocre IQ and has a difficult time understanding what he reads, so his Cabinet has to explain to him his daily briefings and all other important documents received.
Lastly, are there other psychological issues that cause him to lie all the time?
Gloria Fleming

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