It is not hard to do. It is respectful and the right thing. Mask wearing should be second nature, like a seat belt, and very necessary. It could save your life, or the life of your parents, grandparents or some innocent person you do not know.

Wearing a mask helps everyone, which helps you. Non-symptomatic folks transmit easily when no masks are worn. Just one person can transmit this virus and affect thousands of other people in a short time.

Those who are cavalier, rebellious or making some political statement are disrespecting their community. You show true patriotism and help your friends and community by simply wearing a mask.

Store owners need to grow nerve and enforce the guidelines for the health of people who shop at their stores. No mask, no entry! Delivery drivers and store employees all need to wear a mask. Folks can accept these rules like wearing shoes and a shirt, or not smoking.

Maine has a lower rate of people getting this virus, but I suspect that those not wearing masks will contribute to increased cases. Vacationland will have to be closed if these behaviors allow this virus to flood our hospitals this summer. Florida just had 11,000 cases in one day.

The best results will come from everyone wearing their mask.


Dennis St. Jean


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