Maine Open Farm Day organizers encourage the public to visit farms online beginning Sunday, July 26, to learn how to support Maine agriculture this summer, according to a news release from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

“Our interactions with agriculture will be different this summer than in years past, especially as many cherished fairs and outdoor events have canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, because farmers are very skilled at problem-solving and adapting to changes, many farms across Maine are more accessible than ever this growing season,” said Amanda Beal, Commissioner, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

The 31st annual Open Farm Day is one way to connect with area farmers. It will be presented as a virtual event, and kicks-off the fourth week in July. Visit: Maine.Gov/DACF/openfarmday and follow Real Maine at for more information.

Using the Internet, farmers continue to share behind the scenes glimpses of their operations, and the work that goes into growing and producing farm products.

Open Farm Day organizers share the following tips to help support Maine farms and different ways to increase awareness of Maine agriculture this summer:
• Visit farm websites — subscribe to blogs, newsletters and podcasts.
• Follow Maine farms on social media, offer testimonials, and share posts with friends.
• Help keep farms and retail areas healthy — stay home if sick.
• Bring a cooler and ice to ensure food quality — no matter where you buy it.
• Travel safe — planting and harvest season means peak road usage by farmers and the public.
• Ask farmers how to enjoy their farm products year-round: special recipes, storage tips, etc.!

Supporting agricultural businesses that are open to the public (farm stores, stands, markets, U-Pick/Pick-Your-Own):
• Call ahead.
• Maintain physical distancing, wear a face covering.
• Use good hygiene before and after visit.
• Keep pets at home.
• Follow instructions and signage.
• Be prepared for pre-scheduled visits, curbside pickup, and drive by or drive-through services.
• Know that on-site access may be limited due to business logistics; each farm is different.

Supporting farms not typically open to the public:
• Ask farmers which consumer brands use their crops or raw materials.
• Ask farmers where you can buy their products.
• Seek brands that use or source raw materials or ingredients Maine.
• Enjoy agriculture’s working landscapes from a distance as you take the scenic routes.

The following farms welcome website visits, social media following and correspondence. Connect directly with a farm to learn how to support Maine agriculture.


Atwood Farm, Poland, [email protected], 617-223-1164,

Boothby’s Orchard and Farm, Livermore, [email protected], 207-754-3500,,

Fresh Start Farms: Packard-Littlefield Farm, Portland, [email protected], 207-761-4769

Hummingbird Farm, Turner, [email protected], 207-224-8220,,

Nezinscot Farm, Turner, [email protected], 207-225-3231

Old Crow Ranch, Durham, [email protected], 207-329-8775,,

Vista of Maine Vineyard & Cidery, Greene, [email protected], 207-754-2527,,

Willows Awake Winery, Leeds, [email protected], 207-518-8076,


Gallifreyan Farm, Houlton, [email protected], 207-358-0306,,

McElwain’s Strawberry Farm, Caribou, [email protected], 207-498-8276,,

Micmac Farms, Presque Isle, [email protected], 207-493-1269,,

Cumberland, Alewive’s Brook Farm, Cape Elizabeth, [email protected], 207-799-7743,,

Braun’s Riverside Lavender Farm, LLC, Steep Falls, [email protected], 207-332-6502, Braun’s Riverside Lavender Farm, LLC,

Carrageen Suri Alpacas, Gray, [email protected], 207-653-1144,,

Fresh Start Farms: Hurricane Valley Farm, Portland, [email protected], 207-761-4769,

Orchard Ridge Farm, Gorham, [email protected], 207-239-0442,,

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, New Gloucester, [email protected], 207-926-4597,,

Shadow Hill Farm, New Gloucester, [email protected], 207-926-4438,,

Tir na nOg Farm, Pownal, [email protected], 207-749-8321,,

Underhill Fibers, Gorham, [email protected], 207-756-0076,,


Birds of a Feather Emu Farm, Farmington, [email protected], 207-212-2679,

Black Acres Farm, Wilton, [email protected], 207-491-5443,


Mountain Foot Farm, Dedham, [email protected], 207-949-3825,

Rabbit Hill, Stonington, [email protected], 207-367-5003,,

Seal Cove Farm, Lamoine, [email protected], 207-667-7127,,


Applewald Farm, Litchfield, [email protected], 207-268-9276,,

Butting Heads Farm, Gardiner, [email protected], 207-462-1637,

Hart-to-Hart Farm & Education Center, Albion, [email protected], 207-437-2441,

Misty Acres Alpaca Farm, Sidney, [email protected], 207-547-2268,,

Olde Haven Farm, Chelsea, [email protected], 207-620-4014,,

The Maine Accent, Hallowell, [email protected], 207-622-5017,,

Winterberry Farm, Belgrade, [email protected], 207-649-3331,


Appleton Creamery, Appleton, [email protected], 207-785-4430,,

Brae Maple Farm, Union, [email protected], 207-785-4978

Herbal Revolution Farm + Apothecary, Union, [email protected], 207-785-2099,,

ME Water Buffalo Co., Appleton, [email protected], 207-785-6493,

Regenerative Collective; Home of Victory Hemp, Victory Botanicals and Heart 2 Harvest, Union, [email protected], 603-986-3506,,,

Seacolors Yarnery at Meadowcroft Farm, Washington, [email protected], 207-845-2587,,

Terra Optima Farm, Appleton, [email protected], 207-975-9834,


Beau Chemin Preservation Farm, Waldoboro, [email protected], 207-691-8164,

Briggs Farm, Somerville, [email protected], 207-832-1230,,

Cape Newagen Alpaca Farm, Southport, [email protected], 207-633-0416,,

East Forty Farm and Dairy, Waldoboro, [email protected], 207-230-4318,,

Morris Farm, Wiscasset, [email protected], 207-882-4080,,

Odd Alewives Farm Brewery, Waldoboro, [email protected], 207-790-8406,,

Sealyon Farm, Alna, [email protected], 443-924-0352,,

TLC Fiber farm and Alpaca Rescue, Waldoboro, [email protected], 443-465-8106,,


Bumpus Farm LLC, South Paris, [email protected], 207-831-9204,

No View Farm, Inn & Bakery, Rumford, [email protected], 207-364-6300,

The Friendly Ewe, Hartford, [email protected], 218-349-4076,,

Worth the Wait Farm, Denmark, [email protected], 207-890-3586,


Casa Cattle Company, Corinna, [email protected], 207-249-2191,,

Heartstone Farm, Charleston, [email protected], 207-424-0063,,

Prospect Hill Winery and Vineyard, Lebanon, [email protected], 207-651-9335,,

Treworgy Family Orchards, Levant, [email protected], 207-884-8354,,


Ripley Farm, Dover Foxcroft, [email protected], 207-564-0563,,

Worcester’s Wild Blueberries, Orneville Township, [email protected], 207-943-8804,


Apple Creek Farm, Bowdoinham, [email protected], 207-948-3022,,

Left Field Farm, Bowdoinham, [email protected], 207-607-0400,

Maggie’s Farm at Mulberry Creek, Bowdoinham, [email protected], 812-489-1349,,

Rock Bottom Farm, Richmond, [email protected], 207-891-8022,,


Bag End Suri Alpacas of Maine, LLC, Pittsfield, [email protected], 207-660-5276,,

Martin Woods Farm, Starks, [email protected], 207-696-3060,

Runamuk Acres Conservation Farm, New Portland, [email protected], 207-628-2118,

Tessier Farm, Skowhegan, [email protected], 207-474-6380,,

The Apple Farm, Fairfield, [email protected], 207-453-7656,,


Ellie’s Daylilies, Troy, [email protected], 207-948-2101,,

Many Hands Farm, Thorndike, [email protected], 207-568-3261,,

Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm, LLC, Unity, [email protected], 207-356-2464,,

Sunflower N’ Ewe Farm, Winterport, [email protected], 207-205-4664,,


Itty Bitty Farm, Columbia Falls, [email protected], 207-266-9134,,

Tide Mill Organic Farm, Edmunds Township, [email protected], 207-733-4756,,

Welch Farm, Roque Bluffs, [email protected], 207-951-2437,,


Blueberry Hill Farm, Acton, [email protected], 207-457-1151,,

Diadem Flower Co., Springvale, [email protected], 207-200-7353,,

Eastcoast Alpacas, Biddeford, [email protected], 207-590-5630,,

Elf-Paca Meadows LLC, West Newfield, [email protected], 603-817-0356,,

Ewe & I Farm, Kennebunkport, [email protected], 207-468-1344,,

Frinklepod Farm, Arundel, [email protected], 207-289-5805,,

Joshua’s Easter Orchard Farm, Wells, [email protected], 207-646-7177,

Lana Plantae Farmed Yarns, Buxton, [email protected], 207-710-9533,,

Leary Farm, Inc., Saco, [email protected], 207-807-2839,

McDougal Orchards LLC, Springvale, [email protected], 207-324-5054,,

Moonset Farm, Porter, [email protected], 207-329-6888,,

November’s Harvest Farm, Limington, [email protected], 207-591-9112,,

Rivard Farm, Springvale, [email protected], 207-324-5566,,

Spiller Farm, Wells, [email protected], 207-985-2575,,

Unique Maine Farms, West Newfield, [email protected], 207-793-2759,

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