Out of the Blue Live Stream Series with Mousa & David Yearwood is set to begin at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 23.
The concert series is hosted by Blue, 650A Congress St. in Portland. Watch the livestream on Facebook.

This is Vinny Mousa’s last show before he moves far far away. The concert will be filmed live from the Blue stage! The host of Blue’s annual Halloween Monstah Bash and founding member of the comical rock band The Last Sip, Vince Nez plays all original and mesmerizing songs as Mousa.

With a style that is hard to pin down, but has been described as “post-emocore,” “sensitive guy music,” and “electronic dream pop,” Mousa makes use of intricate looping effects with guitar, synth, drum machine, cello, bones and strong soothing vocal melodies. B lending honesty with poetry and humor Mousa has a way with sound that fascinates and captivates his audience.

Sometimes deeply moving and heartfelt, sometimes profoundly silly, and sometimes both. His music plays in the realm of fresh originality while simultaneously pulling on the heartstrings of nostalgia. Stunningly bold yet simple songs remind us of the epic beauty in non epic things.

His album “Songs of the Universe” is an absolute favorite of the staff at Blue. To say this describes Mousa’s sound is 93.5% inaccurate (according to our studies), but we’ll give it to you anyways…. Here’s a LAST SIP music video filmed by Aharon Willows-Hebert of The Portland Comedy Co-op

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