GORHAM — The University of Southern Maine recently announced the following are students were named to its 2020 spring semester dean’s list.

Abby Buswell of Leeds, Reed Stevens of Coplin Plantation, Kayla Kenney, Denver Crockett and Eleanor DeCarolis, all of Farmington, Will Thornton, Lauren Cornelio, Nate Steele and Hallie Pike, all of Jay, Amber Morrill ofRangeley, Arianna Gordon and Shannon Monahan, both of Strong, Nate Moore and Caitlin Zamboni, both of Wilton.

Aaron Emerson, Caroline Caruso, Morgan Clattenburg, Samantha Phinney, Julia Nicol and Hayley Quirion, all of Augusta.
Also, Trisha Trinidad, Carson Bessey, Joshua Ira Janprom and Colin Kinney, all of Belgrade, Anastasia D’Amico of Belgrade Lakes, Brielle Watson of Benton, Hannah Kennedy, Amethyst Cummings, Leann Wright and Marlaina Stickney, all of Chelsea, Emily Bartley and Sarah Kossowan, both of Clinton, Tabi Grindle of Fairfield, Catherine Scheirer, Avery Page, Holden Smith and Alex Mathieu, all of Farmingdale, Aaron Frost of Fayette.
Also, Bobbi Jo Maschino, Sam Jermyn, Brett McGillivary, Peter Del Gallo and David Hughes, all of Gardiner, Sabrina Freeman and Benjamin Hodgkins, both of  Hallowell, Micah Charette of Manchester, Sara DeMello, Maddie Stevens and Becca Jordan, all of Monmouth, MiKayla Donahue of Oakland, Leslie Stevens, Tanner Hebert and Nate Malinowski, all of Pittston, Emma Walsh and Laura Wheeler, both of Readfield, Ana Hewett of Sidney, Jake Peavey, Myles Nored, Hunter Rushing and Kiley Drummond, all of South China.
Also, Katey Caron, Maddie Clowes, Courtney Taylor, Daphne Labbe, Molly George and Iva Genest, all of Waterville, Simon Burch of Wayne, Brooke Somes and Gilbert Theriault, both of West Gardiner, Soucy Soucy of Windsor, Rebecca Goff, Cassie Thompson, Jordan Grant, Naomi Day and Victoria Phair, all of Winslow, Kellen Glaser, Rachael Froom, Sarah Wellington, Lakin Conner, Fantasia Perez, Kaitlynn Werner and Nasim Adam, all of Winthrop, and Abby Nelson of Union.

Also, Katie Colomb of Alna, Grace Sleeman of Damariscotta, Olivia Richmond of Jefferson, Rebekah Marks of Waldoboro, Patrick Jackson of Whitefield, Samuel Smith, Kianaat Karim and Ella Jones, all of Wiscasset, Morgan Fredette of Newport, Peter Lorbeski and Molly Meagher, both of Richmond, Michaela Marden of Bingham, Ashley Alward of Cornville, and Teri Honeycutt of Detroit.

Also, Erika Chadbourne of Harmony, Cavan Weggler and Kayla Depner, both of Madison, Sarah Neal of Palmyra, Jonathan Hatch, Sydney Morton and Josie Libby, all of Pittsfield, Autumn Chipman of Saint Albans, Bri Austin and James Bleau, both of Skowhegan, Haley Ryder of Liberty, Hunter Mahon and Gabrielle Brooks, both of Palermo.

To be placed on the dean’s list, full-time undergraduate students — those who completed 12 credit hours or more, with a minimum of 12 letter-graded (A-F) credits, with the exception of required, program-specific pass/fail credits — must receive a grade point average of 3.6 or above.