I am against fascism and proud to openly say this. I am not sure why President Trump is against people who are against fascism; does this mean President Trump is for fascism? My father fought in the American Army in World War II because our nation stood against fascism. Is this not still true?

Being against fascism means I am against federal agents in camouflage in unmarked cars forcibly grabbing peaceful protesters in Portland, Oregon, in the middle of the night. How is this different than kidnapping?

Being against fascism means I am against American soldiers in combat dress and armed in the streets of Washington, D.C., teargassing and shooting rubber bullets at peaceful protesters because the president wanted a photo opportunity in front of a church. American soldiers are to protect the citizens of the United States on foreign soil, not to initiate combat against their fellow citizens expressing their First Amendment rights.

Being against fascism means I am against agents who are tasked with homeland security separating children from their relatives when they are peacefully seeking asylum, then putting innocent children in detention camps and cages and conveniently forgetting how to locate their family after this practice was declared barbaric.

Being against fascism means I am against Maine State Police secretly taking pictures of us with no court order when we advocate for peace and justice or other legislative actions, as are our constitutional rights.

These United States were formed after the American Revolution to stand in sharp contrast to the tyranny experienced under King George. Lincoln proclaimed that a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

But if we and our government representatives do not now vocalize that we stand against fascism, then the democratic principles so many Americans have fought and died for may perish.

Diane Weinstein

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